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Guideline for HACCP System Implementation, Maintenance,
Modification and Inspection

The guideline is intended for:

  1. All those who wants to IMPLEMENT HACCP BY THEMSELFES 
  2. All who introduced HACCP and want to UPGRADE IT AND MAKE MODIFICATIONS 
  3. Individual consultants and consultant houses
  4. Individual inspectors and inspection bodies
  5. All those who want to learn more about HACCP.

In the guideline, all subsequent steps for HACCP implementation are clearly and simply stated for:

  • Creating the HACCP team
  • Final product description and identification on its intended use
  • Description of product ingradientsand incoming materials
  • Process flow diagram (with a diagram of the plant schematics and employees movement)
  • List of potential hazards (biological, chemical and physical) and risk analysis
  • Determination of the critical control points
  • Establishing critical limits
  • Establishing monitoring system
  • Corrective actions
  • Verification procedures
  • Documentation and record keeping