Guideline for Traditional Products Protection

The manual is intended for:

  • All manufacturers (individuals or associations) of traditional food
  • All manufacturers (individuals or associations) of raw materials for traditional food production
  • All potential traditional food manufacturers  
  • All who want to protect their traditional products at national level or in another country
  • State, public or non-govermental organizations that participate or want to help with traditional products registration, protection or subzidizing

The manual contain the folowing chapters:

  • Food industry facts 
  • Concept for traditional food identification 
  • Quality products – Quality labels
  • Mark – Logo
  • Influence over traditional food in Europe
  • Open borders in eating habits
  • Food composition data 
  • Concept for protection of agricultural and food products
  • Laws and regulatives regarding agricultural and food products protection
  • Sugestion – methodology for establishing traditional products list and traditional products selection procedure in the Republic of Macedonia