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Dr Snezana Kakurinova

Entrepreneur & Finance Manager

Dr Snezana Kakurinova is the financial manager of Consulting and Training Center KEY. 

A graduated economist and authorized accountant, she has 25 years of experience working in Finance & Administration in 2 USAID and 7 EU funded projects, with a particular expertise in project financial management, project planning & budgeting, monitoring and evaluation of partner organizations, sub-granting of partner organizations, capacity building etc.

She has acquired her master and doctorate degree at the same Faculty of Economics at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, in Skopje, Macedonia, in the field of General Management with focus on Entrepreneurship & developing Entrepreneurial culture.

She is the head of KEY’s Entrepreneurship Academy and is a lecturer at the North Caucasus State University in Russia, teaching Entrepreneurship and Business planning.

In 2008, she founded Consulting and Training Center KEY, along with Prof. Dr Vladimir Kakurinov.

Ss.Cyril and Methodius, 52-1/3,
Skopje Macedonia

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